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Lake Forest’s Leading Montessori Kindergarten

Hillside Montessori School offers a leading Montessori kindergarten and preschool program in the Lake Forest area. From our Orange County location, we offer a unique education method that can help your child reach their full potential. Our program is designed for children ages 3–6, the most impactful and important developmental period according to Dr. Maria Montessori.

Hillside’s Primary Program, our kindergarten education curriculum, emphasizes six components of development: Practical Life, Sensory, Language, Math, Art, and Science. By understanding and leveraging a child’s natural desire to understand the world around them, we can maximize their learning opportunities while ensuring that the process is enjoyable for them. In addition to in-depth explorations of Montessori subjects—Foreign Languages (we have Spanish once a week), Math, Social Graces, Music and Movement, and Creative Art—we also offer additional electives such as Tumbling, Ball Sports, piano, and private Spanish lessons.

Orange County’s Extraordinary Montessori Preschool

Hillside Montessori School offers a Montessori preschool program. Our Montessori kindergarten and preschool students learn in integrated classrooms, true to the vision of Dr. Montessori. We are one of the very few schools who have 3-, 4-, and 5-year-old children learning in one group. Kindergarteners are in the same classroom as preschoolers, which encourages them to be role models. Children learn to be nurturing and work together as part of a community.

When a child can teach their peers what they have learned, they complete their own Montessori learning cycle. Dr. Montessori’s mixed-age method reinforces what children learn in class by allowing them to develop teaching and leadership skills. Contact us today to schedule a tour of our campus and classrooms, and to speak with our teachers to learn more.

Call Us: (949) 858-8818

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