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Kindergarten Program: 3 Years – 6 Years


The Best Authentic Montessori Preschool in Trabuco Canyon, Orange County

Our Primary program curriculum focuses on five components of development – Practical Life, Sensory, Language, Math, Art & Science. By understanding and leveraging a child’s natural desire to understand the world around them, we are able to maximize their learning opportunities while keeping the process enjoyable for them.

Hillside Montessori Preschool

Our Preschool offers early childhood education for children aged 0 months infants – 6yrs old Kindergarten. Our Hillside Montessori is centrally located near Lake Forest, Potola Hills, Foothill Ranch, Rancho Santa Magarita, and Mission Viejo, Orange County. Hillside Montessori was established in 1997. The school’s director is Ms. Ajantha Nadesan and head teacher, Ms. Julie Labus.

Our Students Learn Life Values

Hillside Montessori School House instills ideologies in our students that will help them in school and in life- such characteristics as respect for themselves and others, acceptance and the skills of tolerance. Children learn values, about the importance of eating good food- we learn about Gardening (composting and organic garden), study nutrition and teach children about foods to use in the Kitchen. They also learn about Cosmic Life, that everything has a purpose in the world and is part of the circle of life.

Authentic Montessori Program

We are proud to be one of the very few true Montessori preschools in the Orange County area. Our school offers a curriculum like no other you will find locally. We do not separate children by their ages. Our students are in integrated classrooms, true to the vision of Maria Montessori. We are one of the very few preschools who have 3, 4 and 5 year old children learning in one group. Kindergarteners are in the same classroom as the younger kids, which emphasize role models. Children can learn to be nurturing and work as a community. When a child is able to teach another child what they have learned, it completes their own learning cycle. This method re-enforces what the children have learned in class and lets them develop leadership skills..

Our School Curriculum

We follow Dr. Montessori’s belief that children in a three-year age range should learn together in one classroom. This has proven to have many benefits in the way that your child will learn and interact with their classmates. Our curriculum focuses on in-depth explorations of Montessori Subjects such as Foreign Languages (we teach Spanish), Math, Social Graces, Music and Movement (Dance and Yoga), Creative Art, with additional electives– Tumbling and Ball Sports.

Trained Montessori Teachers

All of the staff at Hillside Montessori School have Montessori training, which means your child will experience a learning environment true to the vision of Maria Montessori. We use traditional teaching materials developed by Dr. Montessori. Our teachers engage students thoughtfully and with respect, and recognize that each child has unique needs and skills that must be met.

Our preschool teaches children to explore the world and wonders that they interact with on a daily basis. We take our children on field trips and open their minds to the world. For nearly 100 years our Montessori kindergarten and preschool methods have helped children put the world around them into context- which they can easily grasp, and retain.

Why Choose Hillside Montessori

Hillside is one of the only authentic Montessori schools in the Orange County area. Parents should be careful to understand when choosing a Montessori school, that many schools using the name Montessori are not authentic. The term Montessori is used freely by many schools- though they may not follow any of the traditional teaching methods. Click here to read more and further understand what factors make an authentic Montessori School.

Take a Virtual Tour through Hillside Montessori and see for yourself why we are the best choice for your child.