Extended Care

We offer early morning and afternoon extended care to children. Our doors open at 7:00 AM and we close at 6:00 PM

Extended Day Programs

Early Risers   7:00 am – 8:30 am   ($75)

 The Hillside Montessori School opens their doors at 7:00 am. Our Early Risers program provides time for eating breakfast, art, gym and outside play. Please escort your child to the staff in charge and sign them “in” daily.  Notes to teachers and staff can be left with the Sign In/Sign Out sheets.

After School Program   3:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Afternoons have been designed to allow your child to explore a wide variety of special interests. A carefully thought out balance of activities provides age appropriate times for rest, active indoor and outdoor play and a choice of open-ended experiences in our various classroom centers.

If you need our Extended Care Programs, please contact the school to make arrangements.

Extended Day Enrichment Classes

We offer a variety of extracurricular classes, such as Soccer, Dance, Art, Music, and French. These programs are offered for 4-10 week sessions throughout the school year and are available for our Early Childhood students.

Our Vision:

For our students to be:

  • Safe, happy, self-motivated, and excited about learning
  • Kind and helpful to others
  • Respectful, responsible, and tolerant of differences
  • Caring towards living things and the environment
  • Able to articulate their needs and meet their full academic potential
  • Independent, inquisitive and self-directed

For our teachers to be:

  • Caring, happy, loving, and effective in their work with children, fellow staff and parents
  • Loyal to one another, our school, and the Montessori Philosophy
  • Role models who are positive, energetic, and excited to serve every day
  • Dedicated to their own personal and professional growth
  • Respectful, kind and able to clearly communicate their needs on behalf of the children
  • Contributing and creative members of the whole school team

For our parents to be:

  • Willing to believe in their child and show faith in their innate ability
  • Supportive of the Montessori Philosophy, and committed to our staff and school community
  • Motivated to learn and grow as caregivers and open to feedback and recommendations
  • Involved in their child’s education and school
  • Able to communicate their needs on behalf of their child’s learning

Hillside Montessori School

Based on Dr. Maria Montessori's Phliosophy

Day Care, Primary, Elementary and Extended Care Programs